Listing in the therapist search

We are happy to offer professional, commercially active Neurofeedback therapists the opportunity to present themselves in the therapist search on our website. The prerequisite is that you have a Neurofeedback training, work exclusively with medical devices and practice Neurofeedback within the framework of an academic medical profession or state-recognized medical profession.

Since the Neurofeedback Network represents medical-therapeutic Neurofeedback, we would also like to meet certain minimum requirements with this offer. In addition, this is the only way you can be sure of appearing in a therapist search with qualified colleagues.

The advantages of our therapist search at a glance

  • Funded by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy – you will receive a profile on an attractive website.
  • Support of the network – With your listing you support the further expansion as well as the goals and work of the Neurofeedback network.
  • Faster contact– Patients who are looking for a therapist, find you in a targeted manner and can contact you directly.
  • You will receive an additional profile on the Internet – this enables you to be found even more precisely on the Internet.
  • Independence -Our therapist search is available to Neurofeedback users, regardless of the system they use.
  • Fair conditions – with the BASIC and PLUS entry, everyone can find a suitable offer.

Test the therapist search yourself! If you would like to place an entry in our therapist search, you can register using this contact form.