The guidelines of the Neurofeedback Network

The focus of the network is on Neurofeedback therapy methods, especially the promotion of their quality-oriented application for optimal patient care.

Accordingly, the purpose of the Neurofeedback Network is to strengthen scientific research and the professional dialogue between actors in the health care system.

The network has the following tasks in particular:

  • Promotion of public education about Neurofeedback therapy methods
  • Provision of generally understandable and scientifically based patient information
  • Maintenance of a network of experts for scientific advice and quality assurance
  • Operation of an independent and quality-assured platform for the search of qualified Neurofeedback therapists

The network pursues its purposes and goals in constant exchange with patients, therapists and scientists and is committed to them, their education and counseling.  

The network is professionally managed in accordance with its scientific advisory board 

All scientific knowledge arising from the activities of the network will be used and published for the benefit of the general public.

The Neurofeedback Network is committed to pursuing its purpose transparently and independently of economic interests and thereby contributing to the common good. Company revenue is used only for the fulfillment of this purpose.  

Status: March 2019